Quick ways to get temporary relief of a UTI for Women over 50

Women over fifty need to know that there are quick ways to get temporary relief of their UTI now. But, your UTI symptoms may not be related to a UTI!
Estrogen is a hormone (chemical regulator) that is produced primarily in a woman’s body to help her be able to bear children and regulate the menstrual cycle, along with other hormones. After menopause, (sometimes called the “change of life”) the ovaries slow down and stop producing estrogen. A complete hysterectomy is a surgical procedure where the woman’s ovaries and uterus are removed. Without her ovaries, the woman will also go into “surgical menopause”.
If you have gone through menopause or surgical menopause and are having signs of a UTI, there is hope. The urinary frequency, burning and odor may not be from a UTI, but from a problem in the lining of the vaginal wall or the area around the urethra, where the urine leaves the bladder from lack of estrogen.
The urethra and vaginal wall have special cells that stay healthy with the right amount of estrogen. The estrogen fluffs up the vaginal tissues, making them soft and flexible. Without estrogen, your vaginal wall and urethra can become thin and easily irritated. Sometimes this irritated tissue creates a vaginal discharge, odor and burning sensation.
There are few home remedies that are safe to totally cure this problem. Vaginal lubricants, wild yam cream applied to the inner arm (not the vaginal wall) and “over the counter” plant sources of estrogen in the form of a pill are available. If you have these symptoms and want to cure your UTI, I want to caution you about avoiding a visit to the doctor. My E-book is strictly for handling symptoms of a UTI, not handling a state of low estrogen.
Whether or not you decide to use estrogen is between you and your medical provider. It’s available in many forms; tablet, cream, patch, vaginal suppository or vaginal ring to name a few. The important thing is to get an exam so that your medical provider can be sure you don’t have something serious like a bacterial infection or cervical cancer. I’ll sleep better if I know you’ve checked it out before you assume it’s a UTI.
Women who are over 50 and need a PAP smear and mammogram but don’t have insurance must be persistent to find help. Start out at your local health department and see if there is a special program for women over 50 who need a PAP smear. If you have a medical college in your area, they may have a teaching clinic where the medical and nursing students can volunteer while they are training. These students are supervised by licensed medical providers so don’t be afraid to use this type of clinic. Typically, students have a lighter patient load, so they may have time to be more thorough!
I’d like to offer you a way to get temporary relief in the event you get a UTI. Order my E-book today! It is full of additional remedies that are all natural, safe and easy to find in your kitchen, local health food store or pharmacy. These remedies may be able to help you stay comfortable until you can be evaluated by a medical professional. I’ve seen books with this type of information that sell for over 20 dollars in book stores. I can you offer my eBook now at a fraction of the cost.